Asaph Maurer

Director At Large

An emerging visual artist who has accumulated a significant following in the last year, Asaph Maurer was born in Saskatoon and has led a nomadic existence, living in the USA, Mexico, India and across Canada before settling in Windsor two years ago.   Born and raised in a strict religious cult until the age of 28, Maurer spent his formative years sheltered from outside influences. Entering society for the first time as an adult, his limited social and global frames of reference caused him to be a keen observer of the human condition, seeing the world through an unfettered lens, free from cultural constraints.  All of this has impacted and benefited his art: it reveals powerful emotional content and presents striking observations about the human condition.

Working in a style which includes piping of paint, Maurer works primarily on large canvasses preferring the use of black and white acrylic paint to colour and incorporates other media for three-dimensional relief in his paintings.  Bypassing the use of brushes, Maurer has a signature technique that flaunts aggressive lines and strokes to create stunning visual images, combining aspects of representational painting with impressionistic style.

Maurer’s work has been exhibited in India, Toronto and most recently in Windsor, Ontario where he is a represented artist at Nancy Johns Gallery and Framing.  His first solo exhibit took place in the summer of 2018 at the Artspeak Gallery of the Windsor Arts Council. His work may also be seen on display at a number of non-galleried spaces throughout Windsor.

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