Jeff Denomme

Director At Large

t nineteen, Jeff did a full cannonball into entrepreneurship. Hailing from the skateboard and punk rock scenes of yesteryear, he started a streetwear brand by the name of Fathom Clothing. He was able to network quickly, despite a shoestring budget and the lack of social media. His proximity to Detroit helped him join forces with some of the most sought after musical acts of the era. Not only were his goods being worn on the chests of “rock stars” they were being purchased worldwide and featured in music videos on MTV.

As he matured, he decided to move to Vancouver, BC and start an art brand known as The Haunted Zoo. This enabled him to become a featured artist during the Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival and also afforded him opportunities to co-create with Telus, Volcom, Toms, Land Yachts and Collective Arts Brewing, to name a few.

Most recently he created PAPA D’S Hot Sawce. After only being on the market for a few months, Jeff received a message requesting that the spicy condiment be showcased in the celebrity handbags at the Toronto International Film Festival. When he asked why they chose PAPA D’S they responded, “It has A-List branding”.

With Proper Design + Branding, Jeff makes waves with everything he touches.

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