Nora Harvey

Director At Large

Nora is a self-taught artist working from her home studio in Olde Walkerville, Windsor, Ontario. Nora has always had a passion for art, drawing and sketching for as long as she can remember. It was in her formative years growing up in Europe that she began to discover her passion for art and would spend countless hours sketching and painting. She was born into an artistic family, and felt it was inevitable that she would also become an artist. The need to express herself creatively remained a strong desire throughout her whole life. For the past fifteen years, she has participated in numerous drawing, painting, computer rendering and mixed media techniques.

Nora is known for the abstract celebrations of her admiration for textured surfaces and rough contours uniquely sculpted, three dimensional oil on canvas. Nora’s basic approach is intuitive, begins with a solid textured background with a partially developed idea of direction by drawing, painting and sculpting the paint onto the canvas. In order to create a tactile quality she applies layer upon layer of vibrant colors that dynamically emerge and recede within the canvas. She has a love of bright and rich colors and applies her paint liberally and spontaneously to create a piece that is alive with movement of contemporary creation through a multitude of influences and inspirations. Her work addresses proportion and balance with repeated gestures and elements that emphasizes the main composition. She gives a large place for imagination and play with illusions and non-verbal expressions. She truly enjoys painting by using oil and supplementary mediums however, lately she has been fascinated the beautiful flow of acrylic paint. All of her pieces are unique and one of a kind.

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