Art Mosaic Challenge

In recognition of Ontario’s Culture Days, the Arts & Cultural Alliance of Windsor-Essex invites members, past and present, to participate in our 2020 Mosaic Challenge.  Although we had to cancel the 2020 Open Studio Tour this past May due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we encourage you to join in this exciting challenge to have a bit of fun!


  • We have selected a famous Canadian painting to be the “reference” point for your interpretive painting. Part of the challenge is that you aren’t allowed to see the painting we have chosen for the challenge—it’s a surprise!
  • We began by dissecting this painting into a grid of forty 8”x10” tiles.   Each tile was assigned a unique alpha-numeric name from A1 to H5. When you enter this challenge, you will be given one of these forty tiles.  This tile will provide you with the inspiration for your own interpretive painting.  When assembled with the other thirty-nine tiles (hence the reason it’s called a “mosaic” challenge), an image of the original painting will appear.
  • All forty tiles will be assembled on one wall: five across and eight down.  They will be placed on display at Beatnik Art Supplies immediately, in the order that they are brought to the store.
  • You can register, pay for and pick up your “kit” at Beatnik Arts Supplies, 224 Erie St. W. (west of Victoria), beginning October 20, 2020.The cost for entry and the kit is $40.00.
  • Your kit includes one tile, one8”x10” canvas and an assortment of pre-filled paint pots matching the colours found in your tile.  If you run out of paint, bring your paint pots back to Beatnik: they will be refilled. We ask that you supply your own white acrylic paint.Beside your tile (a detailed image, one of the forty) are the instructions. Your tile is your reference point to re-interpret the shapes, geometry and colours found therein so you can paint your very own take on what you see in the tile.  Paint whatever you like on your canvas—anything at all, in any style you choose.
  • Since “Harvest Splendour”is the chosen theme for this challenge, keep it in mind when designing your tile.
  • Your deadline for completion is December 15, 2020.
  • Once you have completed your tile, return it to Beatnik Art Supplies, where it will be placed in its appropriate place on the wall. The store’s hours are noon to 7:00 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday.  Just drop in!
  • After it is submitted, a digital photo will be taken of your painting.  This photo will be uploaded to the Arts & Cultural Alliance website and placed in its right spot on our digital grid.
  • On the backside of your painting, include the designated tile name (ex.: A4), the title of your piece, your name and the date.
  • When submitting your finished work, also include a short write-up with your name, a brief bio and a link to your personal website which will take viewers who visit the Alliance website to YOUR webpage!
  • The names of the first 20 artists who submit their finished paintings will be placed in a jar for a draw.  One person will be the winner of a $100 gift certificate from Beatnik Art Supplies.
  • The names of the second 20 artists who submit their finished paintings will be placed in a jar for another draw.  One person will be the winner of a $50 gift certificate from Beatnik Art Supplies.
  • Once all 40 paintings arrive at Beatnik Art Supplies and displayed, we will arrange for media coverage to capture the results.
  • The Arts & Cultural Alliance Board of Directors is looking forward to seeing your work made public, so don’t delay!


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