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To Our Valued Members of the Arts and Cultural Alliance, Windsor-Essex

This year has been a challenge for all of us as we face the almost insurmountable attack COVID-19 has made on our global community, forcing us to respond to the new “normal” of isolation or small “bubbles” composed of our families and friends. As we adapt our artistic practices and work to our homes and online outreach, we find ourselves compelled to discover new ways to become creative and productive, which we do in defiance of the despondency that lies in wait.

Board members of the Alliance have been working imaginatively to respond to this pandemic in order to bring innovative ways for our members and the outlying community to become involved in our programming which we have adapted to the new reality that has altered how we live our everyday lives.

Thanks to the remarkable grant-writing skills of our Executive Director, Leona MacIntyre, we have received a significant number of grants this year. The Board is currently working on how to provide the safe delivery of these programs.

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